We Aim To

  • Identify 140 eligible students (10 from each district) from Kerala who needs financial help to pursue education, preferably higher education.
  • Find sponsors from Australia willing to support these students financially to further their education.
  • Work together with Educational institutions to identify and enable further education of the students.
  • Create a web based platform to bring together the sponsor, student and educational institution management for ongoing support and communication.
  • Provide ongoing mentorship to the students during their course and career guidance.

Student Selection Process

  • Step 1 :
    Our team visits schools all over Kerala to discuss with administrators about the scholarship program and distribute application forms to identify candidates from each school (based on both academic excellence and family’s financial background)
  • Step 2 :
    Application reviews are conducted to identify top candidates from each district based on our eligibility criterias and conduct a direct interview with each candidate by our coordinator. We aim to support 10 students from each of the 14 districts of Kerala. i.e 140 students.
  • Step 3 :
    House visit and discussion with family for the selected students to collect relevant information (based on aggregate of application, interview)
  • Step 4 :
    Each year, sponsored students will be assessed to determine sponsorship requirements based on financial status, educational performance and course attendance.

Student Eligibility Criteria

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ASPIRE India Scholarship Application Form

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  • Step 1 :
    With the data collected from the students, our team creates student profiles and required content that goes into our website.
  • Step 2 :
    Our team then uses our social media platforms, direct approach etc to seek sponsorships
  • Step 3 :
    Sponsorship drives will be regularly conducted within Australian communities to identify sponsors who are intersted to help students in need.

Fund Disbursement

  • Once the funds have been collected for a student, the money will remain in the account of Sydney Malayalee Youth Forum until the student has gained admission into a college. Our team will directly disburse the fees to the institution management.

Updates To Sponsors

  • The sponsors will get frequent updates from our team about the use of their funds and the progress of the students through our web platform and emails. Some of the updates you can expect to see are:

    1. Certificate presentation on successful sponsorship

    2. Fee payment with receipt

    3. Progress Reports

    4. Ad-hoc updates (Awards, certificates, absence from college, prolonged illnesses, family issues etc)

Our Platform

  • A web based, platform which lists selected students, their profile, mark lists, course details and fee structure.
  • Provides registered sponsors with options to view all students and express their interest to sponsor one or more students.
  • Provides registered sponsors with a view to all financial details related to their sponsorships.

Sponsorship status

Student Name Course Approved (tentative) Funds Approved (tentative) Sponsored/ Not sponsored
Shyam Suresh DEGREE Rs.20000.00 Not Sponsored
Kavya P BSC NURSING Rs.100000.00 Not Sponsored
ANMARY THOMAS BSC NURSING Rs.100000.00 Not Sponsored
Sreekutty Pv BCom Rs.10000.00 Not Sponsored
Aju Thomas MBBS (Medical entrance coaching) Rs.150000.00 Not Sponsored
Janetta Augusthy B.COM Rs.20000.00 Not Sponsored
FEMIN THERESE B MAYA BA Economics Rs.20000.00 Sponsored
Akhil P M B.sc Physics Rs.20000.00 Not Sponsored
Drisya B Nair BSc Maths Rs.30000.00 Sponsored
Anumol Shaji MBBS Coaching at Brilliant Study Center Pala Rs.150000.00 Sponsored
Sivapriya Tk MLT Rs.60000.00 Not Sponsored
Benjo C J Electronics & Communication Rs.55000.00 Sponsored
R Meenakshi MBBS Coaching at Brilliant Study Center Pala Rs.150000.00 Sponsored
Jasmine.p BSW Rs.30000.00 Not Sponsored
Kesiya Mariya Roby BAMS Rs.100000.00 Not Sponsored
JASEEM R M BIOTECHNOLOGY Rs.60000.00 Not Sponsored
NAMITHA YELDHO Degree Rs.20000.00 Sponsored
Nashiba C BPT Rs.100000.00 Not Sponsored
GOPIKA G GOPAN B.COM Rs.15000.00 Sponsored
Delna Jose B. Sc Maths Rs.50000.00 Not Sponsored
FATHIMA SHAHMA P BSC NURSING Rs.80000.00 Not Sponsored
SHINFA SHIBILI T V BSC NURSING Rs.80000.00 Not Sponsored
Kesiya Cleetus B.COM WITH FINANCE Rs.25000.00 Not Sponsored
Justin Gabriel B.COM WITH FINANCE Rs.25000.00 Not Sponsored
Athira Sunil MBBS Coaching at Brilliant Study Center Pala Rs.80000.00 Sponsored
Dhanalakshmi K S B Sc NURSING Rs.100000.00 Not Sponsored
Janet Joy CIVIL SERVICE Rs.60000.00 Not Sponsored
Sahoora.k.p BSc BOTANY Rs.10000.00 Not Sponsored
Ajay Tomy CARDIAC PERFUSION Rs.50000.00 Not Sponsored
Aswinsibi ACCA Rs.80000.00 Not Sponsored
Keerthi.p B.A Economics Rs.40000.00 Sponsored
Aparna A P Medical Entrance Rs.70000.00 Sponsored
Ashika Anil BSC NURSING Rs.100000.00 Not Sponsored
Amarnadh Ajith BTECH CUSAT Rs.50000.00 Sponsored
Abhaya K Johny BTECH CUSAT Rs.50000.00 Not Sponsored
Sandra Johnson BSc NURSING Rs.100000.00 Not Sponsored
Adars Raju BSC MATHS Rs.10000.00 Not Sponsored
Govind G polythechnic (Electrical & electronics) Rs.25000.00 Not Sponsored
Arjunsatheesh BSc,PHYSICS Rs.8000.00 Not Sponsored
Midhun. V Masters in Geology Rs.25000.00 Sponsored
Manju Tomy General Nursing Rs.55000.00 Not Sponsored
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