Sydney Malayalee Youth forum was conceived with an aim to bring together youngsters of the Malayalee Community in Sydney, Australia. The idea soon took flight and the group is now an amalgamation of youngesters and young-at-hearts throughout Australia. Our forum as a collective group wishes to do good to the Australian community and to youngsters in Kerala to bring about a positive change in the lives of people we touch.

Through our efforts we are trying to bring together students in Sydney by creating a networking platform to meet each other.The program is intended to facilitate communication and camaraderie between students from Kerala pursuing their higher studies in Australia with Australian students.

Our group is also working towards a sponsorship program to identify 140 eligible students from Kerala (10 from each district) who need financial help to pursue education and sponsor their studies. The program is based on the concept PAY IT FORWARD (AND BACK). Students can PAY IT FORWARD by spreading the good will to others who need help – provide tuition to children in their neighbourhood, sponsor a child in future once they have a job and BACK by providing tuition services to Sydney’s Malayalee children through internet if such oportunities arise.

We organize mentorships, community events and actvities to bring together the community while being non-religious and non-political.